Why this place exists.

You know those comfy bookstores in big cities that span several levels and give you places to sit and read your favorite books? You know how there's no rush or pressure to buy, just enjoying the work?

I kind of wanted to create something like that on my website, something homey behind the scenes.

Hopefully, you're going to feel like that about this place. 

I won't just give you everything I create each month - guides, workshops, courses - but also everything I find to be really helpful for creative rebels (coming soon on Level 3). 

Obviously, I couldn't ask you for money right away, which is why Level 1 is free, but eventually, I decided that I'd have to reserve my very best work for the people who "get it," the people who are willing to invest in creative rebellion.

I'm talking about you, the creative rebel reading this letter.

Thank you for landing here and giving our relationship and future collaboration a chance. I truly want to work with people who understand what it's like to be carving your own path in a world (and culture) of "sameys."

All you need to know at this stage is that a) you won't be asked to pay a higher monthly ever, even if it goes up and b) there will be a new access password every month, so watch your inbox for your monthly update from Gumroad. 

I explain everything in the video below.

For now, let me just say how READY you are for the next stage in your life, the rebellious stage. Where you forsaken all the rules pushed upon you and for making your own rules from now on. You proved it by joining my little corner. 

Feel free to reach out any time hello@violetanedkova.com. I'm here to support the hell out of ya. :)

I'm all about growing and evolving things, so I can't wait to see how we grow this, together.