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Action Book #3 (print)

The Transcripts


Links: - Marie Forleo's site - food + fitness project - food + travel project - Regina Anaejionu's site - Sarah von Bargen's blog

My Brand Galaxy (video) - pdf and psd (files)

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Hey multipassionate!

You could say that this is the most important module of all because it's about Creative Convergence, or bringing your passions together in your own way. I hope you have completed all the modules so far, however, because they will make this easier for you. 

Don't hesitate to email me at with your results from this and any questions or feedback you might have. Good luck, rebel. :)

Disclaimer: You can also download your lessons by clicking the download icon on the top right corner of each lesson. Do not distribute the lessons, they're for your use only.


Lesson 1: Honor Your Callings

In this introductory lesson I explain the difference between a calling and a purpose, and why it's important to follow both, and especially follow each calling. 


Lesson 2: Paths to Creative Convergence

In this lesson, we'll discuss what Creative Convergence is and how it is the most important thing for the Multipassionate. Also, we'll cover the 5 paths to achieve it.

(Feel free to mix and match parts of the paths to fit your own unique path best.)


Lesson 3: To Niche or Not to Niche

Let's discuss whether "nicheing" is right for you and how Multipassionates niche differently from most experts, so that we can have both constancy and flexibility.


Storytime: How I Converged and Niched Down

This is the story of how I found my path to Creative Convergence and "niched down" even though as a Multipassionate, I don't usually like to do that. Hopefully you can relate to some of the struggles and find your own opportunities in this honest account. Rebel on!


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