Hey multipassionate!

Welcome to The Multipassionate Puzzle course. :)

Before starting, please note that you can do 3 things on the left: 1) you can navigate forward and go back to the course dashboard, 2) you can download your course materials, worksheets, etc., and 3) you can find links to anything I have mentioned in the audio recordings. 



The first audio is a quick introduction to why this course exists.


Lesson 2: The Puzzle-Maker Theory

In this lesson, we talk about why multipassionates are so misunderstood by everyone around us and my theory about us being puzzle makers without boxes.


Lesson 3: The 3 Vital Elements of TRUTH

In this lesson we talk about the 3 vital elements to Your TRUTH:

- your story
- your purpose
- your values

This is where you start working on your first Action Book (download and print it).



This is the story of how I found my purpose in my life story...

Your story's gonna be different, but I hope my story gives you a kind of perspective or insight that the other recordings couldn't. As people, we find our truths in stories. :)


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