Tired of buying courses and taking advice from strangers on the Internet? Strangers who don't necessarily share your values or understand where you're coming from? 

The School of Rebels will break that spell.

The School of Rebels may be what you need!


The School of Rebels is an online school where you learn everything you ever wanted to learn, starting from creative business basics like copywriting, content marketing, podcasting, marketing, and going as far as art, ... 

When you sign up to the School of Rebels, you get: crash courses, guides, tutorials, lessons, and all sorts of digital goodies created by rebels who understand how important it is to be yourself and do things your way, in life and in business. 

You will be learning something new every week!!!

And the best part? You get to pay ONCE. 


(Well, OK, there will be a monthly membership option, but this is way cheaper and it gives you FOREVER ACCESS, which is way cooler than having to crack open your card every month. Yuck.)

Now let's see some of our lovely Resident Instructors:


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