The Multipassionate Fix


Have too many interests? Tired of having to "choose one" and starting from square one? It's time to bring your passions together.

Violeta Nedkova saying hi.

Hey there rebel!

I'm Violeta Nedkova, a multipassionate creative rebel, and this is my free training - The Multipassionate Fix. If you feel like a loser who doesn't know what they want, like you wish you could have one single passion like other people, like the person who gets called things like "dabbler" and "flighty", and who is tired of constantly starting over and leaving a trail of unfinished projects, then I made this for you.

Congratulations! You're multipassionate. 

A multipassionate person is someone who has many interests and whose brain doesn't work like a specialist's brain, so there's no point in trying to resist it. This can work for you, if you embrace it.

And not so long ago, I felt all those things. I felt like something was wrong with me because I couldn't choose something to specialize in or even build my business around. I jumped from one project to another, to end up with nothing and to have to start from square one again and again, until one day I was tired, and I found the solution.

I call the solution "creative convergence," which in my case turned out to be bringing my passions together into a multipassionate brand, and if you'd like to find your own way, take this training.

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It's free and it will change everything. :)


Lesson 1:


Where you'll learn what being multipassionate means and why society frowns on it, how to turn this thinking around, and see your "limitations" as strengths.

Lessons 2-3:


Where you'll learn how you sabotage your own happiness and success by holding onto limiting beliefs and behaviors, and what steps to take if you want to turn this around.

Lesson 4:


Where we learn what your top 3 challenges as a multipassionate are - focus, completion, and convergence, and how to make them work for you instead of letting them evade you.


Lesson 5:


Where we learn what "creative convergence" means and why it's the ultimate goal for the multipassionate. We'll look at the types of convergence and which fits you best.



If after this you need more help, then you'll get a discount to my course The Multipassionate Puzzle and the chance to work with me one on one to start Your Multipassionate Brand.


Get the free training!

It's time to stop thinking of multipotentiality as something wrong, and put it to work FOR you instead of against you. Just sign up here to start. 

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Each lesson is short and well-structured. It contains information, examples, exercises, and resources that will help you take action.



By the end of the training, you'll not only understand major concepts, but also be able to work on your own creative convergence and multipassionate brand.


At the end of the course I'll give you even more resources to help you step up your multipassionate game.


The Multipassionate Fix has been super, super helpful. I totally loved the notion of creative convergence and I'm all for creating my multipassionate brand. I'm still in the early process, making sure whatever I do is built from my core, and I'm enjoying this process so much!

I think we multipassionates need a structure that works for us, but a structure nonetheless.

I love how you re-enunciate multipotentiality in a positive light. In doing this you rewrite possible mindsets, opening up previously unseen opportunities for us. You defend our mode of existence, creating space for it, inviting us to embrace our qualities. This gives me courage to be true to my calling. 

I feel the wonderful proximity of having a conversation with a trusted friend, having apple pie and not worrying about having to be too careful. But at the same time the things being said are meaningful, deep and important and I wouldn't want to trivialize the great value of what's being said.

This ended up pretty long! It goes to show how meaningful the fix has been for me. :)

- Eduardo Neve, after the training



The Multipassionate Fix was a great lesson set.

The lessons helped me to understand a part of myself a little better - so thank you! You have a talent for writing and explaining the concepts of a Multipassionate in a fun and engaging way. 

I loved reading all of it!! Keep up the great work, Violeta. :)

- Jasmine Khinda, after the training


Who's this for?

This training is for people who have too many interests and who find it hard to bring them together. You want to do everything and you can't just choose.

You're multipassionate! You were just born that way, and there's nothing wrong with that, my friend. Your mind works differently and your life path looks differently from the person next to you, so take a breath and take this training.

What's multipassionate?

Being multipassionate means that you have many interests and that you can't choose one thing to specialize in. While most people think this is a bad thing and society favors specialists, it's normal for us to jump from one thing to another and sometimes even bring our passions together. I wanna help you do it in a way that doesn't make you or the people around you crazy, frustrated, or exhausted.

No more compromising, and no more choosing. Dammit.

What's creative convergence?

Creative Convergence is when you bring your passions together or when you eventually reach a point where it has happened naturally. For example, you might find convergence in a job that's creative and challenging enough to keep you interested, or you might build yourself a "slash career" where you just add slashes to your CV, or you might create a business that brings your passions together.

Your creative convergence is individual to you. Let's find it. :)

How is this training new or different?

Oh it's new and different all right. I haven't come across anything like it, have you? It's the direct result of years of wandering and having to figure it all out on my own while the world seemed to be against me. Luckily, I did not give up on my multipassionate path, and now I want to help you embrace yours. :)

If it's so great why is it free?

Ha! You got me. This training is free because I reckon people really need this - especially my people - and because it took me no time to assemble it. It's not the most comprehensive, but I have The Multipassionate Puzzle course for those who want to really uplevel their multipassionate game and make some serious progress, progress that's been so far lacking because of many factors.

Other questions?

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