Before my coaching call with Violeta I was feeling unsure of myself and overwhelmed. I thought I needed to do all the things to build my business. Violeta helped me realize that I should embrace my rebel personality and put effort into creative endeavors that inspire me, rather than to worry about business tactics. After our call I'm feeling confident and inspired to create.

Meghan Hartman, Crafting Creative

Violeta has a super power of listening to you with full attention, identifying your REAL problems, and then giving you hardcore actionable advice to overcome them. I highly recommend her coaching sessions!

Atul Pradhananga, identity designer

"Violeta is an inspiration to anyone wanting to embrace their creativity and think outside the box.  It is obvious to me that Violeta has a lot of knowledge about the industry in which she works, she really helped me to narrow my focus for my blog and gave me great ideas on how to really kick start a career in business blogging.  I found my session with her very enlightening and she was a pleasure to speak to.  I would definitely recommend her to anyone wanting to seek coaching for their business."

Nicole Cowell,

In her sessions, Violeta asks the right questions: the ones that make you question your choices, paving a way to your business. The one that was meant to be. After her coaching I was clear of what I wanted and how to achieve it. Thank you, V.!

Nicia Cruz, Rrrepeat