The Stray Kittens Fund


Winter is coming...

And the streets of Bulgaria are filled with stray cats who are not castrated. They bring more cat babies to the streets and people ignore them because it is illegal to feed them. Local shelters only take dogs and they don't always find homes for them either.

The problem gets worse and nobody's doing anything about it. Until now.

I have started small by feeding + building shelter for these lovelies:

Gully, the tiny one

Stella, the lovely one

Sammy, the crazy one

(There are at least a dozen more kittens and cats in my neighborhood alone.)

It breaks my heart to see kittens like these struggling to find food, shelter, and safety. Freezing, fighting for food, and always at risk from passing vehicles and rabid dogs, they either survive or they don't. With your help, we can make a difference for these lovelies and help spread awareness, so that larger organizations will take notice.

Someone needs to fix this growing problem. And it starts with US.

I need your help to make a difference!

If you love cats, please donate as much as you can:

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Half of your donation will go toward local charities that find home and treatment for stray (including disabled) cats. The other half will go toward feeding my cat babies as well as building shelter and taking them to the vet when they get sick. 

We all thank you. (:

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P.S. See how I've used your money below. I'll also send you updates with happy cat photos from time to time. You know, food for the soul.

Good people.

Thank you, Bruno Winck, for donating $35! Your money will vaccinate Gully and Stella, so they don't get sick this winter! (see happy cat photos)



This is the Stray Cat Awareness poster. Pin it: