my favorite things to create are guides and workbooks that put things into perspective.

Open ANY one of my guides or workbooks, and you'll find a glaring reality check or truth bomb that will turn your thinking upside down. I'm not interested in coddling my readers, but challenging you to come up with your own answers.

Everything I create can be found on the Rebel Store, as well as Level 2 of the Secret Library. Right now you can grab the Rebelify Your Brand workbook, which is full of thought-provoking questions, exercises, and prompts that will help you look at your brand from a rebel's perspective.

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mini-guides that save you from yourself, and from the experts.

This mini-guide is one of many that help creative rebels get out of their heads and go back to what really matters. In this one you'll learn why you should forget about "niching down," for now, and just focus on your Core Message.

Your Core Message is a strong foundation for your brand, and it illustrates how we always need to start from the Core, rather than just stay on the Surface.

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a podcast for creatives.

I did the podcast a while back BUT I am reviving it AND recording hidden episodes for library dwellers. 

In this episode, I bust the romantic idea that one day you just find your voice, your style, and it's like magic. Actually, that's not what usually happens. Listen to my account of how it happened for me, and maybe it'll help you as well.

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p.s. This episode - and the Creative Rebels podcast - was a part of my 30 Days at Sucking at Podcasting project.


i also do video and "creepily accurate" tarot readings.

I record video all the time (exercises, vlogs, workshops) and most of it goes to the Creative Rebel Academy. But what I REALLY enjoy is my Tarot readings, which 95% of people say are "creepily accurate." Watch on the left!

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One more thing... curations!!!

You know... there's so much BS and noise online, you may need a bit of help to turn it down and turn the rebellion back up, which is why I curate for my peeps. :)

I just updated your favorite Index of Creative Rebels where you'll find some of the most hardcore rebels online and everything they've done, for inspiration.

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