I spent years trying to fit in so that others would perceive me as one of them.

What I didn't understand back then is that you're not supposed to look for the people you belong with in all the wrong places. And I was doing it.

I also didn't know that being different and standing out were not bad things, but were actually advantages. (They are even more so now that every marketplace is so crowded that you could throw an elephant in there and never find it.)

If you relate to the inadequate feeling that comes with trying to fit in, I have great news for you! :)

Whether you're a side hustler or a multipassionate creative or a creative business owner, or all of the above, it doesn't matter because those are just labels.

Here only one label matters - creative rebel.

A creative rebel is someone who does things in their own way instead of following what everybody else says. And doing what everybody else does.

If that's you, the good news is that you have found the place where you belong. Naturally. No need to look better or to talk professionally or to be overconfident or to have a perfectly branded site or to be everywhere and hustle 24/7 or whatever else the experts are saying these days.

All we ask is that you show up as you are and embrace your inner rebel (who's been itching to break boxes!). To stop trying to fit in and step into the magic of standing out.

You are unique, and everything you do should be.