The following resources have been created exclusively for creative rebels.

Creative Rebel (def.): A person who knows who they are and does things their way. They follow their own rules and have their unique voices online. Are you one of us?

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1. The Weekly

In a world of boring newsletters, one girl is breaking the rules and bringing you amazing value with her weekly newsletter. She sends it out every Monday.



"Thank you for the incredible amount of value you provide with your emails. It's a refreshing contrast to many of the other emails that hit my inbox." - Felix

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"I get a lot of newsletters and to be honest, most suck. But when I got my friend Vi's, I was blown away. sign up!" - Kiki


2. "Rebel Resources"


Rebel Resources is my weekly curation of top 10 links for rebels. (I'm talking: articles, tools, news, etc.) You'll get it Thursday after you sign up.

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"This email was FABULOUS. I've had it open on my laptop for two days and have looked at every link then fallen deep down the rabbit hole that is the interwebs further and further because all these people have led me to SO many other things." - Kate


3. The Treasury



Did you know I have a secret page where I stash free goodies for rebels?

Now you do!

Inside you'll find my free guide, free course, rebel manifesto and more.


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