Hey there rebel! Do you have a REBEL STORY to share with the rebel community?


Of course you do! You're a rebel, so you're probably full of them.

(To be clear, a rebel story is a time in your life when you went against the norm and didn't just blindly follow. You did what you weren't supposed to do, and it felt good. It can be a big thing or a small incident, and in the end, rebellion is what you make it.)

Can you think of one that may help others in the same situation? Because we're all alone until we realize there are others who struggle with the same things as us. I want to give my community a safe haven for them to come and share their stories as well as comment on other people's as a way of a mental retreat from all the noise online.

I mean, every blog post is about how to's and listicles and methods... 

I want this series to have no self-promotion, no noise, just STORIES.

(The inspiration came when I read THIS and THIS, and then realized that unique human stories are so much better than what everyone else is writing.)

Radical, right? Better get on it!!!

The guidelines are simple.

  1. It is better if your story was not published elsewhere.
  2. If you have already published your story on your blog, send me the link to hello@violetanedkova.com, and I'll consider reposting it.
  3. Your story must not have any links in it. The links go in your bio.
  4. It's better that you focus your story around a particular event in your life rather than giving us your "life story". That way, you don't overwhelm the reader. A helpful question to ask is: What event in my past defines who I am today?
  5. Your story must have some sort of lesson in it, a helpful insight for the reader.  
  6. Once you're done, email the text (Google Docs or Medium draft) and any photos that go with your story as well as as a short bio (with links) and a headshot.
  7. Finally, your article should be between 1000 and 2500 words.
  8. Email it to hello@violetanedkova.com. Yay!

But hey, if your article is really good, you can break any rule. ;)


Please submit your story or link before February 1!

Where it will go.

The Rebel Stories will coincide with the launch of The Creative Rebel Academy - a project I hold dear to my heart - which means that some stories will be published on my personal blog, and others on the Academy website. January and February.

I'll probably put them in an ebook, too, but let's take one step at a time, shall we? 

Isn't this exciting?! PEOPLE WILL GET TO HEAR YOUR STORY!!!


Send your ideas and questions to: hello@violetanedkova.com. 

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