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You're here because you're a creative rebel and you need help in the form of one-on-one coaching.

You've come to the right place.


Hey there rebel!

Let me guess: You're tired of BS blueprints, drowning in clickbaity information, and expert advice that's too subjective to work for everyone.

What you need is to make progress on your rebellious dreams and projects, and you want to do it your way, which is why I'm here to help you make it happen.

This coaching packet is for those of us who need guidance, understanding, and an outside perspective. I promise to do my best to help you find your way out of confusion and overwhelm, back to your truth and your inner rebel.

Keep reading to learn the details and whether this type of coaching is the best for you right now.

This is for...

  • creative rebels
  • multipassionates

Rebels come to me when...

  • they need clarity
  • they need to find purpose
  • they need to make progress
  • they want to build authentic brands and businesses that are unique and naturally stand out
  • they are tired of pivoting all the time and they want to build a multipassionate brand that doesn't ask them to compromise any of their passions

Your turn to get help...

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  • (bi)weekly* Skype sessions
  • email access and accountability
  • booklets with questions, exercises, and resources that will help you take the next steps


*The client may select an intensive weekly program or a more laidback bi-weekly schedule.

I have 2 rules: We start from YOU and we start from the CORE. 

My job is not to tell you how to do things, but to listen to your stories and ask questions that will allow us to get closer to YOUR TRUTH (or what lies beneath the surface).

I prefer a structured approach, but that depends on your preferences and needs, which is why I always allow room for flexibility. Let's go!

  • $350 (4 hrs / 1-2 months)
  • $750 (8 hrs / 2-4 months)
  • $1100 (12 hrs / 3-6 months)


*The amount will be payable via Paypal before the first coaching session.

**A partial refund is available to clients who are unhappy with the service and can prove they did the work. 


Inga from feellinen (a multipassionate maker):

If you own a small creative business or are planning to start one, Violeta's coaching will be the navigation system in your jungle of ideas. Be prepared for a journey jam-packed with discoveries and aha moments.
You might want to fasten your seatbelt, rebel. :)
Our business was in the center of all discussions and homework, no general bla bla from thick theory books. During the training, we developed amazing strategies for our small online brand and have a clear and structured map for them.
Above all, we feel that all these strategies come straight from our heart and this is only thanks to Violeta's knowledge and creative mind!
inga from feellinen on etsy
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(On my side, I can promise I'll be there for you 100% and help you find your way. I'm not going to show you how, but gently guide you to your own truth.)

Before my coaching call with Violeta I was feeling unsure of myself and overwhelmed. I thought I needed to do all the things to build my business. Violeta helped me realize that I should embrace my rebel personality and put effort into creative endeavors that inspire me, rather than to worry about business tactics. After our call I'm feeling confident and inspired to create.

Meghan Hartman, Crafting Creative

Violeta has a super power of listening to you with full attention, identifying your REAL problems, and then giving you hardcore actionable advice to overcome them. I highly recommend her coaching sessions!

Atul Pradhananga, identity designer

Violeta is an inspiration to anyone wanting to embrace their creativity and think outside the box.  It is obvious to me that Violeta has a lot of knowledge about the industry in which she works, she really helped me to narrow my focus for my blog and gave me great ideas on how to really kick start a career in business blogging.  I found my session with her very enlightening and she was a pleasure to speak to.  I would definitely recommend her to anyone wanting to seek coaching for their business.

Nicole Cowell, OliveCreativeMe.com

In her sessions, Violeta asks the right questions: the ones that make you question your choices, paving a way to your business. The one that was meant to be. After her coaching I was clear of what I wanted and how to achieve it. Thank you, V.!

Nicia Cruz, Rrrepeat