hey you!

You can see what I'm working on right now on this nifty little page. 



  1. 30 years old. EEks.
  2. Still in Bulgaria, feeding stray kittens and itching to travel.
  3. Taking on a few coaching clients.
  4. Working on stepping up my creative business and providing a better rebel experience.
  5. Generally enjoying life.


Current projects:

  • I've just launched my first course - The Multipassionate Puzzle.
  • Talking with my peeps to figure out what their struggles are and what I can create to help.
  • In January I'll be testing some workshops and focusing more on teaching than coaching.

The books I'm reading.

renaissance soul book
dean koontz book
irvin yalom book.jpg
irvin yalom book

Next year.

In 2018, I am prioritizing conversations with cool, creative people. 

I am also going to prioritize creating helpful aids and collaborating with fellow creative rebels.

This month.

In DECEMBER I am talking to my peeps about their struggles and goals, so I can create products that will help them overcome their limits and do what they want on their terms.




  • Jumping ahead.
  • Too many ideas at once.
  • Making this thing sustainable.
  • Getting distracted by social media and all the content.
  • Timezones.


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