Right now I am:

  1. Still in Bulgaria, getting the itch to travel, feeding stray kittens.
  2. Building something huge and exciting called The Creative Rebel Academy.
  3. Collecting Rebel Stories for the rebel community. Enough with the ads and promotional links, we want to read actual human recollections. If you want to contribute, read the guidelines and email me at hello@violetanedkova.com. 
  4. Learning to edit video and trying to be more authentic instead of emulating other vloggers or acting overly confident. The struggle is real, guys.
  5. Generally enjoying life, my cat, and my lovely business. :)

Current project:

Focus of the year.

In 2017, I am going to prioritize conversations with cool creative people.

I am also going to step up and show up more fully in my business, by investing more, believing more, aiming higher, and enjoying the process more fully.

Finally, I'll make sure I rest and travel just as much as I hustle. :)

Focus of the month.

In January I'll be focused on launching the Academy, delegating work, and growing the Rebel Community (which is already full of multipassionate creatives and misfit entrepreneurs) and doing more video (YIKES!). 

Current struggles.

  • Too many emails.
  • Managing stress and trying to do too much at once. 
  • Timezones.


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