Resources for

Multipassionate Warriors


Hello, my Multipassionate friend. Did you know we are warriors?

Basically, I have this saying stuck in my head - "A warrior doesn't worry about the things she cannot control" - and one of the things you can't control is your Nature. If you're a Natural Multipassionate, you should never feel the need to change.

The following list of resources will help you take care of the things you CAN control - like habits and systems and understanding your Nature better.

Enjoy the list and please SHARE THIS with your Multipassionate friends.

1. Refuse to Choose is an excellent book by Barbara Sher.

I am so grateful to my friend Meg Kissack who recommended it. Barbara calls us "Scanners" and gives us a system to work by and like a true supporter, talks about how having many passions is not a problem or something wrong. It's a blessing.



2. Why some of us don't have 'one true calling' is a pretty popular TED talk delivered by Emilie Wapnick who made the term "Multipotentialite" a thing. Her website - Puttylike - is a great resource.


3. Brain Pickings is a unique collection of daily stories, art, and short pieces about everything from psychology to great thinkers to philosophical and scientific questions, etc. Maria Popova (fellow Bulgarian) has won awards for it. 


4. How to Pursue All Your Passions Without Looking Flaky 

Marie Forleo's videos are awesome, and she really shows us what "creative convergence" looks like.


5. The Multipassionate Muse is an interview series on One Woman Shop - an online resources for female solopreneurs led by Sara and Cristina. 

Some of our favorite boss ladies are on the series, including Jess Lively and Sarah Von Bargen. It helps to see your idols are not so different from you.


6. Why I Think Being Multipassionate Is Bullshit by Rebecca of The Uncaged Life is a reality check for those of us who use our Multipassionality to avoid taking action in any direction.


7. Living an Effective Multipassionate Life

Yet another excellent resource by Cristina and Sara of One Woman Shop. They are quickly becoming two of my favorite Multipassionates because they know what it's all about and they truly want to help those of us who still struggle.


8. I am working on a guidebook called Survival of the Multipassionate, which will contain a TON of strategies that will help you survive AND build the business of your Multipassionate dreams. 

Have a pressing question?


9. Monika Kanokova's books are one of a kind. For My Creative (Side) Business, she interviewed multipassionate women who created their own lifestyle brands and businesses. 

Their stories will inspire you and show you there's no limit to what you can do. Just a lot of opportunities.

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