The Index of Creative Rebels

Because you need to follow people who are just as crazy, creative, and rebellious as you. And who inspire you to see your own greatness, not just theirs. 

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1. Sophia Amoruso is one of the original rebels. She started Nasty Gal as vintage Etsy shop, grew it into a fashion empire AND wrote the book every #GIRLBOSS needs to read.

2. Regina Anaejionu is an infopreneur who's very generous with the information she gives. We like her silliness, business model (give first, take second), and magazine of blogs.

3. Ashley Beaudin is a  vulnerable + brave visionary and creator of Fire + Wind Co. - one of my favorite purpose-driven brands. She's also working on The Imperfect Boss.

4. Brene Brown is famous for her vulnerability research work. Check out her TED talk and read her best book to date - Daring Greatly. (Then practice what she preaches!)


5. Jen Carrington runs a coaching business that is value-based. She gives amazingly authentic value through her blog posts and soulful podcast for creatives Make It Happen.

6. Marie Forleo is a multipassionate life coach who runs Marie TV and talks to some of the most inspiring people in the world. She's a perfect example of "creative convergence."

7. Elizabeth Gilbert is perhaps the wisest writer on Earth. She inspires creatives everywhere to be joyful and committed to their craft. See Big Magic and Magic Lessons.

8. Seth Godin is a prolific writer, rebel marketer, and generally entrepreneurial to the core. His daily short essays are a joy for anyone who is even a little rebellious.

9. Joseph Gordon-Levitt is not just the guy in Inception. He also has a mixed-media company called HitRECord where artists collaborate to create crazy and beautiful things.

10. Chris Guillebeau has traveled to 193 countries and written books that inspire more rebellion such as The $100 Startup, The Happiness of Pursuit, and recently, Born for This.

11. Kayla Hollatz is a largely community-centered "girlboss," who created the wonderful twitter chat #createlounge and proved that you can win so big by just being yourself.

12. Chase Jarvis is a photography director and founder of CreativeLive. His latest project #30DaysofGenius highlights and interviews fellow creative rebels. Woop woop!

13. Paul Jarvis is a freelancer who helps freelancers. We like the way he challenges people's thinking and generally stays out of popularity contests because he stands out naturally.

14. Meg Kissack is a colorful and courageous lady who runs one of the most badass podcasts out there - Couragemakers - and generally makes the web a better place.

15. Austin Kleon is a multi-media artist who is known for his crazy newspaper blackouts and cutouts. He's also the author of the must-read for creatives Show Your Work.

16. Eva Liparova is one of the most authentic people out there. She makes theater that matters. Her latest creative project was to co-write a book with strangers on a plane.

17. Elle Luna was a successful designer when she came to The Crossroads of Should and Must and chose a career as a painter. Listen to her inspiring story! And watch it, too.

18. Shantell Martin is a creative rebel who meditates by drawing lines everywhere. You can see that the entire undercurrent of her art is "who are you" and being authentic.

19. Brad Montague is the creative genius behind Kid President, which has millions of viewers over on Soulpancake. Brad believes that kids & grownups can change the world, together.

20. Casey Neistat is a media guy who decided to start a daily vlog and the result made him Youtube-famous. The way he blends the art of vlogging and film is amazing.

21. Maria Popova runs a creative digital publication called Brain Pickings, where she collects tales of creativity, inspiration, and everything in between. She's a fellow Bulgarian!

22. Sian Richardson is rebellious to the core. From design to blog posts to emails, she refuses to stay in the box society may have attempted to put her in the past.

23. Amanda Sandlin is a typical creative - keeps to herself, creates like mad, and inspires everyone around her. We love her mixed-media art and minimal brand.

24. Kathleen Shannon is a badass boss who is one half of Braid Creative and another half of the Being Boss podcast for creative bosses. She starts fires wherever she goes.

25. Becky Simpson is the quirky lady who wrote and illustrated a book about how she'd rather be short. You can see her creative process and space on Creative Spaces TV.

26. Derek Sivers is a successful entrepreneur who starts trends and movements like nobody else. Check out his TED talks, this video about hell yes, and the /now page idea.

27. Keri Smith is an analog artist who has written a dozen creative journals that aim to help us get back to the physical world. Her most popular title is Wreck This Journal.

28. Gavin Aung Than, also known as Zen Pencils, creates amazing comics based on inspiring quotes and speeches. We ADORE his books, posters, and creative genius. 

29. Gary Vaynerchuk is the loudest, proudest rebel of the Internet. His writings would make a great rebel book and his motivational rants - a killer documentary.

30. Dominic Wilcox is a creative genius who's famous for his Reinventions of Normal. If you ever wanted to be an inventor and thought it was impossible, think again.

31. Caroline Winegeart is just as vibrant as her brand Made Vibrant. Her colorful Abstract Affirmations and human approach to business should make her a legend.

32. Jason Zook is Caroline's boyfriend (what a couple!). He's unconventional in everything he does - writing, business models (Buy My Future anyone?), pricing, etc.


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