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  • Whether you have a business or a brand or neither, the Get Aligned 3-part video series will help you craft your most authentic life.
  • To grow your brand/business, you need to dig deep, uncover your strengths, and harness them. And the Superpowers mini-guide holds all the answers.
  • Creative work often requires to be accountable to someone who gets it, so you'll get an opportunity to have your own accountability buddy.


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  • Did you know there are 5 Creative Prompts Rebels Use all the time to create unique projects and find their style? You'll learn what they are in a simple mini-guide.
  • You are someone who has MANY IDEAS all the time, and the Honor Your Ideas worksheets will help you keep track and follow up.
  • If there's a point this month where you have no idea what to do about something, come to me and we'll figure it out with your free Tarot reading.
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  • Spend your next 40 days rebelling with me. The 40 Days of Creative Rebellion handbook will give you a daily prompt and examples to illustrate how awesome it is.
  • Why I gave up asking for advice and you should, too is a must-listen for creative rebels.
  • The Secret Rebels is a private community on facebook where we get to be our rebel selves and support one another.