Your Life's Purpose


Tired of being all over the place and everyone else having one singular calling?

Violeta Nedkova saying hi.

Hey there rebel!

I'm Violeta Nedkova, a multipassionate creative rebel, so I understand what it's like to envy the people who have it all figured out from early age as I still wander at 27, having no idea what I'm doing. 

But I did eventually figure it out, and now I want to help you find your life's purpose, for FREE. (Seriously!)

Thing is, a lot of us don't really have one singular calling like most people. We have too many interests and find everything fascinating, which is why it's impossible for us to choose one path. As a result, we wander well into middle age, still finding ourselves and trying to figure it all out. So I'm not offering to help you "choose" - that would be so boring and limiting - but I am offering to help you find that underlying theme that colors everything you do in life.

It's called a purpose, and it's not simply a calling or a craft.

Finding it is really easy, but it's only easy if someone helps you find it. When we try to find it for ourselves, our search is colored by emotion and other things that cloud your judgment. So click the button above and fill out the form as elaborately as you can, and I'll answer as soon as I can, with your purpose or more follow-up questions.

Wait, why do you need a purpose???

That's a great question! It's not like you have to have it, after all, a lot of us are more than happy to keep collecting those puzzle pieces and enjoy our callings without turning everything into a career...


If you're tired of everyone around you having a purpose and living their dream lives while you're just going from thing to thing, starting from square one every time, and those other people are calling you ADHD and flighty and a dabbler... having your purpose will help.

Once you have it, we can talk about how to use it.

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What do you have to lose? :)