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If you need a coaching program that fits your situation and personality, i recommend this custom self-guided coaching program for rebels.


Hey there rebel!

Let me guess: You're tired of BS blueprints, drowning in clickbaity information, and expert advice that's too subjective to work for everyone.

What you need is to make progress on your rebellious dreams and projects, and you want to do it your way, which is why I'm here to help you make it happen.

This coaching packet is for those of us who need a custom solution to their unique struggles, but not in the form of one-on-one coaching. This self-guided coaching program will help you find your own way back to your truth.

Keep reading to learn the details and whether this type of coaching is the best for you right now.

This is for...

  • creative rebels
  • multipassionates
  • independent thinkers

Rebels come to me when...

  • they need clarity
  • they need to make progress
  • they want to build authentic brands and businesses that are unique and naturally stand out
  • they are tired of pivoting all the time and they want to build a multipassionate brand that doesn't ask them to compromise any of their passions

Now it's your turn to get help.


how it works

1) You apply for the program below.

2) I devise your program and weekly schedule.

3) You get access to your private page and weekly emails (one at the start and one at the end).


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  • 4 weeks of content
  • audio lessons tailored to you
  • email access and accountability
  • action books with a summary of all the sections, exercises, questions, and examples
  • additional rebel resources from other creative rebels 
  • individual bonuses


*The client may require to receive all materials at once, but it is not recommended. 

I have 2 rules: We start from YOU and we start from the CORE. 

My core purpose is not to tell you how to do things, but to help you get closer to YOUR TRUTH, the one that lies beneath. not on the surface.

I always provide exclusive content, materials, or resources to my clients, so they have all the tools they need to find clarity & make progress.

Finally, I always structure and pace everything very thoughtfully, which is evident in this program as well. Also, I believe in the power of accountability, which is why you'll be getting weekly accountability emails from me.

  • $550 (4 weeks)


*The amount will be payable via Paypal before the first week.

**A partial refund is available to clients who are unhappy with the service and can prove that they did the work. 

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(On my side, I can promise I'll be there for you 100% and help you find your way. I'm not going to show you how, but gently guide you to your own truth.)


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