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you're tired of the BS of the online biz world. 

You want to not only be your own boss, but also follow your own rules. If only it were that simple... 

Wait a minute. It can be!


So it finally got to you, huh?

The online business world used to be this opportunity to break free from convention and carve your own unique path.

Now it seems like everyone's path looks the same.

When you started, you were exhilarated, couldn't wait to learn more, and you were just full of crazy creative ideas. 

Now you're creatively depleted, tired of all the expert advice and blueprints, and basically, you think the online business world is a joke and you're the punchline. Oh joy.

Listen, I get how you feel because I've been there.

I've been disillusioned with "the real world" more times than I can count (or care to admit), but the lesson here isn't that life sucks and we can just forget about being happy, but that out of the rubble of reality comes the chance to reinvent.

If something's not working for you, SCRAP IT. 

You can keep being a creative business owner, but you don't have to be wrapped up in its rules, or its drama.

Go ahead and disengage from the world of expert BS right away and step into the world of creative rebellion. To stop trying to fit in and step into the magic of standing out.

Fitting in is overrated anyway.

It never got me anything of real value.

Let's prioritize better, together! Let's forget about the way everyone else defines success and define it our way. Let's not compare our own lives or businesses to other people's because we're all different and that's a GOOD THING.

Imagine if we were all the same, and we were saying and doing the same things. Imagine all of our brands and businesses looked and worked the same. Ugh.

Oh wait, that's basically the online business world now.

Which is why YOU and I don't want any part of it.

We want to be business owners, but not follow their rules. We want to create our own rebel rulebooks and follow our guts. We want to be who we ultimately are - CREATIVES.

Will you join the rebel movement? :)

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Follow your bliss and don’t be afraid, and doors will open where you didn’t know they were going to be.

– Joseph Campbell


(The following ebooks will help you disengage from the BS and reconnect with your inner rebel. If you want to get all of my rebel guides at half price, check out the bundle.)

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This ebook will guide you through all the parts of your business - everything from monetizing to marketing. 

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This playbook is mostly for your brand, but it's free and thus a good start to your rebelifying process.

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This handbook is full of fun ideas from other creative rebels. You can borrow, steal or remix away.

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The Creative Rebel Academy via Violeta Nedkova


A place where rebels learn from fellow rebels.

Good news! There is such a place, and it's called the Creative Rebel Academy. I created it for those of us who are tired of the sameness and the BS online.

At the Academy, you'll find all sorts of rebel content, rebel resources, and a community of creative rebels who are bringing authenticity back to the Internet. No more mindless comparison and consumption. We do everything with intention, and we do it our way, dammit.

Join the Academy. >>


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If you want to stand out in your industry, you just can't think like everybody else.

If you want to stand out in your industry, you just can't think like everybody else.

Let's make your business fun again! :)

Let's make your business fun again! :)

Where I give you 10 ways in which modern creative disconnect from the noise & BS.

Where I give you 10 ways in which modern creative disconnect from the noise & BS.