It's hard being a creative rebel.

Certainly not as simple as being a member of the "normal people" population.

While most people are happy following all the rules and expert advice, we simply wouldn't have it. We would rather make our own rules, to hell with the experts, and that's where the hard part comes - when you don't have a blueprint to follow, you feel lost. (At least until you find your way.)

It helps to be surrounded by people who understand.

People who get how exhilarating and terrifying it is to carve your own unique path in this world of sameness.

This is why I created The Creative Rebels community, to give us all a place to go when the world rejects us. When the world calls us weird and crazy. When we have nowhere else to go. When we want to feel appreciated, supported... 

When you're tired of the rest of the world, period.

Actually, I created 2 communities for creative rebels, and I'll explain why in a second. There, you will get the outlet and support you need as a unique human being.


Why two communities?

Because one is open to everyone and one is reserved for those of us who take Creative Rebellion seriously


Any creative can join the facebook group as it is open to all. This one is not too selective because I believe everyone should have access to it, should they need it.

You can apply to join the Slack community, but not everyone gets in as we only accept people who share the creative rebel values - nonconformity & authenticity. 


You choose which one fits you better.

See you there, rebel! :)