Coaching for Rebels

Whether you are dreaming of starting your own creative business or have already done so, the ride is never smooth, and sometimes we end up feeling lost, confused, and conflicted. 

It's time to get you back to clear, confident, and creative!



Hello! I'm Violeta, your Creative Marketing Coach, and I help rebels and multipassionates to find focus and inspiration beyond creative ruts and blocks!

I will not rest until your brand feels like home on the Internet and until your marketing strategy reflects who you are and want you have to offer.

Now let's forget about the "usual" way of doing things for a moment and see what fits YOU best! 


The Benefits:


Do you have a ton of ideas and no concrete plans? Feel like every idea is interesting, but can't focus on the essential? I know the feeling...

Sometimes it takes a bit of perspective from an outsider. Let's make order out of your beautiful creative mess. 


Sometimes we're the only thing standing in our way, so let's get you out of yours! Procrastinating, self-sabotage, and all kinds of other blocks are lying in wait. Don't let them take over.

Let's vanquish them once and for all, together. (:


Now all you need is some creativity. Let's show your peeps how unique you really are by sprinkling some of that stuff over your brand and your marketing.

No more listening to gurus or mavens. You were born to stand out, not remain a mere follower.

Choose a Package:


You want to create an authentic creative brand, but you can't establish its focus. Maybe you're re-branding and this is the hardest thing you've ever done. Don't worry, we'll get you clear about your core message + brand purpose. 

*perfect for multipassionates

This package includes 1 hour with me on Skype, a 30-minute followup one month after, and my favorite workbook - The Multipassionate Brand Galaxy.

Your investment: $145.


You see marketing as mindlessly promoting yourself, and you think it's gross. Maybe you used to like it, but now it brings you no pleasure. Or maybe you're a marketing newb and you have no idea where to start! I have you covered. After my treatment, you will have a marketing strategy that is just as creative and fun as you are

This package includes 4 hours on Skype, email access to me, and all the resources you need (including The Creative Business Companion).

Your investment: $375.


You've always wanted to be your own boss, and now you're ready to take the plunge. But there's too much advice out there and it feels like nobody understands you. If only there were someone who could see you and guide you through the process in a way that didn't dull your personality or make you worry about boring things. (Like SEO.)


This package includes my mentorship, 8 hours on Skype, email access to me, and all the resources you need (including The Creative Business Companion).

Your investment: $695.

My Values:

(making sure we would be a great team)

multipassionate wip.jpg

I believe we must always trust ourselves, be ourselves, and free ourselves of anything that no longer serves us. We must never be afraid of being different. You were born to be unique!

I believe we each have a calling that we must pursue if we want to be happy. Whether you call it mission or purpose, it is that which makes you come alive and reach amazing heights.

I believe we must be vulnerable and share ourselves with the world bravely, so that we may connect to kindred spirits. We must give, love, and connect freely, so we could reap the benefits. 

I believe that each of us was born to be creative and the more we practice it, the braver we become. We must always take risks and learn and evolve, and never let the world take away our passion.

I believe we must always do our very best to understand the people around us, so that we may attain perspective and become wiser and less rigid. We must always try to help as best we can.

I believe that the world has the ability to put you down if you let it. And so your best defense is your ability to laugh at those things which you cannot change. And to laugh at yourself.

Why hire me?

It's all about you.

There are not many coaches out there who can help you focus your brand around your personality.

Creative approach.

My endless amount of creative ideas, systems, and resources will make our journey smooth and FUN.

I've been there.

I understand the struggle of being different and trying to fit in a world that prefers and pushes the norm. 

Apply for coaching!

(October is already booked out. Hurry and try for November!)

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What's your name?



Inga from feellinen (a Multipassionate maker):

"If you own a small creative business or are planning to start one, Violeta's coaching will be the navigation system in your jungle of ideas. 

Violeta has a clear map that combines creativity, personality and marketing in an unexpected and very personal way. During the training, we developed amazing creative marketing strategies for our small online brand and we feel that all these strategies come straight from our heart!"