Does it feel like your brand is not yours?

It happens to us all. Under the influence of too many experts and blueprints and content, we sometimes lose our internal compass. Which is why I created the Rebelify Your Brand workbook - to get you back to your unique and authentic brand vision. 

Let's go back to basics, my friend. :)

Starting your own business is a big deal.

There are so many things to consider and you can't just jump into it without a safety net. Not to mention, you still have all those blocks in your way. You should do it, but read my story first.

The Creative Rebel's Guide to Starting a Business will give you my story, step by step guide, and the resources I needed to launch my business.

The Creative Business Companion is a workbook for the creative business owner who is tired of the same old methods and advice. The business owner who wants to do things differently. 

The business owner who wants to STAND OUT!

You will find 12 sections inside covering every topic from monetization to list-building, etc.

40 Days of Creative Rebellion is full of creative prompts and rebellious examples that will last you for 40 full days in the desert.

(Kidding! You can do it at home, too.)

It's time to break out of those rules and boxes set for us and start designing our own lives and businesses. Let's be rebels together.

Who's with me?

The Multipassionate Brand Galaxy is full of questions and prompts that will help you create your amazing Multipassionate brand.

This is a kind of brand that is both focused and flexible, so you won't feel guilty for being scattered but you'll also never feel bored. It could change your creative life as it has changed mine.

Good luck, and rebel on.