Your superpowers will open secret doors.

Your superpowers will open secret doors.

Most experts say:


What they really mean is: This worked for me, so it should work for you too. Which is, quite frankly, naive because a) they’re different people than you and b) they have different strengths and weaknesses, which means that c) their blueprints may be built around those, which doesn’t help you much.

Repeat after me:

I’m a unique human being with a unique cocktail of strengths and weaknesses.

If what you said is true - science has proven that only a few people in this world have this exact same cocktail - then following blueprints from people who are essentially different from you - even if they have similar values - would be pointless different people will produce different results.

Unless of course, those blueprints unveil your own strengths, rather than their methods.

By superpowers, I mean your strengths.

I firmly believe we should either a) focus on our strengths and ignore our weaknesses or b) focus on our strengths, be mindful of our weaknesses and see if we can turn the latter into the former.

But we should never focus on our weaknesses and disregard our strengths because that’s where our advantage lies.

So how do you discover your superpowers (strengths) exactly?

This should be an easy question to answer, except you were probably not raised to ask this type of question. You were probably raised to be modest, and not brag, which stands in the way of self-reflection. However, if you can put this mindset aside for a moment, you will be very happy with the result.

So let’s do this! Let’s find out what your superpowers are.

The first obvious thing to do is to ask yourself. The second obvious thing is to ask your friends, family, and even clients and customers.

And the third thing is my favorite thing...

The third thing to do is to try some personality and archetype-based tests. Since they're devised to reflect you back to you, you can be sure they’ll be accurate enough to bring you some vital insights about who you are and what your strengths and weaknesses are. Ideally, you wouldn’t trust anything in a beauty magazine, but maybe something based on psychological tests.

I am going to give you my absolute favorite personality tests, archetype systems, and any other resources that are going to help you see your strengths clearly and apply them to your brand/business.

It can be tempting to take every test out there, but the hard truth is that even some “experts” will give you resources that barely scratch the surface. They may be inexperienced and simply giving you general formulas when you want them to give you something that will help you specifically.

As to whether I am expert/experienced enough, I am just a girl who graduated in Psychology, so I can sniff out the BS like a greyhound.

You decide whether that’s good enough. :)

Your Superpowers will open secret doors.

The rest of this mini-guide is on Level 2 of The Secret Library, and it contains the resources you need to pinpoint your strengths and harness them to your advantage. You can sign up for Level 1 below or upgrade to Level 2 now.

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