It's not when things are hard, but when things are easy that you know you're on YOUR path.

You know when you're on YOUR path when it's easy.

i'm a capricorn.

Which means I appreciate when things come hard.

It makes me feel like I'm climbing, which is natural for the goat.

However, I am not a goat, I am a person, who has spent her entire life having it hard - from being poor growing up to going homeless one day in England and being on assistance to having to go back to live with the parents - life is f*cking hard, ya know? It's not a tea party. Especially for the generation who are told we can do anything in this impossible economy (although to be fair, you can always make your own economy). And for the age when everyone's an online expert, while everyone else feels like a fraud. I mean, c'mon.

A lot of us are just wandering about with our bruised hearts on our sleeves, wondering whether we could ever trust anyone, online or off. And meanwhile we're supposed to "find what we love" and go do it. Psssh.

"It's not that easy." "Easier said than done." "Yeah, good luck with that."

(Hey Sarcasm, I heard that. Go play with Skepticism.)

However, while there are many things in life that are indeed "hard" - who even decides what is a little hard and what is too hard? - one thing that is not hard or at least is not supposed to be, is being who you are.

And being who you are is just walking on YOUR PATH.

Staying in your lane.

Walking the road God put in front of ya. (If you're religious.)

Not putting on other people's shoes and walking on their path but actually making comfortable shoes that fit and finding the road that's easy on your feet. The road that has all the turns you need to arrive where you need to be.

My single biggest mindset shift is this:

It doesn't have to be that hard. Things that are meant to be feel a lot easier than things you try to force into being.

The problem comes when you try to force things that aren't meant to be.

Try to do and achieve things that don't fit naturally.

You know what I mean?

Like... do you really need to make 6 figures? Do you really want to grow a huge company? Do you really want to be the best in your field? Or do you want to stay small, grow slow, and enjoy the journey? What is true for you?

Let's face the facts here.

When you're a writer inside, writing comes easy.

When you're starting a project that aligns perfectly with who you are, even if it's too big, you don't feel the bigness but the ease.

I speak these things from experience.

You don't have to try so hard to be someone you're not. You just need to step out of other people's shoes and step back onto your path. And your path calls you back to it, all the time, it's just that sometimes you don't notice.

Now tell me, what comes easy to you?

When do you feel most at ease and like you were born to do it?

For me, it's easiest to write, create, and talk to people. I've always done those things without being asked or ordered or taught how to do them, and I believe it's important to know what those things are: the things that we are drawn to, that we do without being asked to, that we LOVE in this world of "supposed to's." 

The path that you're walking right now either feels right or wrong.

You're either forcing yourself to go through today or you can't wait to start.

You're either full of joy or you're merely getting by...

I hope that you won't force yourself to meet other people's expectations and that you have your own standards by which you live and which you don't compromise . I hope that you don't wear the wrong shoes and go against your Nature.

I hope that you'll stick to your guns in the face of temptation.

And I hope that you'll rouse the rebel within, the one that's begging to come out and take the wheel. Because that rebel is the real you.

With a ton of love and rebellion,



Violeta Nedkova

Violeta Nedkova is a multipassionate marketer who loves helping people. She talks and writes about marketing with purpose and personality because it's so much better than traditional marketing.