How to Create Your Own Multipassionate Brand Galaxy (Workbook)

How to Create Your Own Multipassionate Brand Galaxy | Violeta Nedkova Coaching

It seems as though every other day people are asking me about focus, niche-ing down, and infusing brands with personality. Bear in mind, the people asking are highly creative Multipassionates like me who have lost themselves in the land of indecision.

Which is why I am now offering a very helpful tool for focusing your brand. It's based on the "creative convergence" idea, which means putting together all of your passions in one package, one of the most prominent examples being Marie Forleo's brand.

Now let's see why you actually need a focused brand, shall we?

You are...

You're a highly creative multipassionate rebel. You have a hard time choosing.

While experts tell you to niche down and focus your brand, you're thinking up new creative experiments. You don't want to compromise or lose out on any of your passions, but you do feel kinda tired spreading yourself thin between everything you love.

I've been there...

I still have weeks filled with ideas and nothing done. (Even though that is no way to grow a brand or run a business and we know it.) Or maybe you're lacking a certain je ne sais quoi in your brand. You want to make it come alive and reflect all that you are.

Whatever the case, the Multipassionate Brand Galaxy model will help.

Wait, don't panic!

Maybe intuitively you know there is such a thing as a "dream brand" - one that has all of your personality and quirks and interests and skills in it. You're just afraid that if you find it, you'd still be missing out on a lot of other things. Or that if you focus, you'll get stuck in a space you don't want to inhabit. Or God forbid, you actually like it and stay there.

Any fear that you have, it's normal, but it is also irrational. Nobody's going to tie you to anything. You can change your mind at any time. And the things that you love are not going anywhere. Just knowing they're there for you to go back to is reassuring. 

Most importantly, you're in control of the process and you can stop any time.

I know you say you want to do everything and a brand that reflects everything you like, but think about it really hard. Do you really enjoy doing multiple things at once? If you're a Multipassionate, you probably like going deep into everything you explore. Whether that takes a month or a year, you like going deep, not spreading yourself thin. You do one thing at a time, and if you're telling me you want an "everything brand," think again because that kind of brand will be exhausting, not practical, and will get you severe BURNOUT.

(OK ok, chronic multi-tasker, I hear you, but we're the exception here.)

Hopefully you don't want an "everything brand." You just want a brand that reflects all of you and that is flexible enough to change at a moment's notice. That is the kind of brand that will carry you through all of your crazy projects. It is also the kind of brand that could be just as consistent and reliable as any other. (It really matters.)

And even though it sounds like a mirage, I have already proven that it is possible.

What it looks like.

Here's what my own Brand Galaxy looks like, after I did the work.

Branding for Multipassionates. :)


Now it's your turn!

To do the work yourself, you'll need the Multipassionate Brand Galaxy workbook.

It is just $5, it's fillable, and it's full of guidance, questions, and exercises that will help you create your own galaxy brand. As a bonus, you get a psd and pdf of the image above so you can alter the text in Photoshop (or use a sharpie) and put it on your wall like I have!

Trust me, you'll feel like this brand is YOU and you'll never need another. (:


Violeta Nedkova

Violeta Nedkova is a multipassionate marketer who loves helping people. She talks and writes about marketing with purpose and personality because it's so much better than traditional marketing.