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The Creative Rebel's Guide to Starting a Business by Violeta Nedkova - Get Your FREE COPY!

Disclaimer: This was previously called "The Free Guide to Striking Out". Thanks to everyone who subscribed before the launch. Your waiting days are over!

Let me just say: You need this guide.

Not because I wrote it; not because it's free; but because I've included everything I know and everything I've done since way before my business was even conceived. (And since you loved my story "How I Became My Own Boss by Side-Hustling and Doing What I Love", I figured you'd appreciate a guide that could help you do the same!)

It's not a technical guide. Actually, it has a LOT of mental preparation, and even though I'm not technically a life coach yet - just a Psychology graduate - it is full of self-development tricks and mentality work that I've developed myself.

Starting your own business is as much a mental feat as it is a physical and financial one. (tweet it)

For example, say you work at a company and you have a side hustle. It's not picking up, and you can't figure out why. Maybe people don't want your product or you're not doing enough marketing. Or possibly, you have a mental block.

A mental block is a false belief that stops you from realizing your potential. It’s the reason you self-sabotage, the reason you don’t get what you want, and the reason you don’t even ask for what you want sometimes.
It’s your #1 enemy and the first barrier to success.

Sound familiar? Have you ever sabotaged your own success?

If the answer is yes, the guide will help.

The Creative Rebel's Guide to Starting a Business by Violeta Nedkova - Get Your FREE COPY

Other things it covers:

  • How to Shut Your Inner Critic Up Forever
  • The Trust Triangle and How It Will Help You Succeed
  • Starting a Business Without Going Broke in the Process
  • How to Form Connections and Build Yourself a Support System
  • The Mental Trick That Will Free You of Stress and Worry
  • The One Thing You Need to Do for Your Business at the Start
  • All the Resources You Will Need to Build Your Empire
  • 62 Pages of Amazing Value, Worth at Least $29 

Wow, did I really cover so much? I guess so! Now all that's left is to download it.

The ball is in your court. Will you take a step toward your dream or keep putting it off indefinitely?

If you're suffering from procrastination, that's probably a mental block, my friend. I've lived with mental blocks for years and I let them beat me into mediocrity. But no more! Once I faced them, they no longer owned me. I am my own person now and my own boss. It's a liberating feeling, and more than anything, I would like you to experience it.

Get your FREE COPY.

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It's not perfect yet...

I'm not the kind of person who releases something and forgets about it.

The only thing I can forget about are blog posts because they are supposed to freeze and evolve in time, so you can go back and see the change. But books are different. They are living, breathing organisms, and it's up to the author to keep them alive.

I'm not perfect, so I'm pretty sure parts of it suck. I'm comfortable with admitting it because it allows me to ask you a favor: Can you help me make it better? That way, I'll be able to improve my future guides as well. 

Just tweet me @VioletaNedkova or email me with your feedback. :)

P.S. Why is it free?

Honestly, I just want you to have it. I want everybody to have it.

We are lucky to live in a world where reaching our dreams is more possible than ever. And it would be a shame if something silly stops you from doing that. I wanted to cover everything in this guide, so you'd have no excuses not to start anymore.

If it helps even one person start living their dreams, my mission would be complete. 

I hope that person's you! You. Are. Priceless. 


Violeta Nedkova

Violeta Nedkova is a multipassionate marketer who loves helping people. She talks and writes about marketing with purpose and personality because it's so much better than traditional marketing.