When you focus on the FUN parts and ignore the BORING parts of your business.

When you focus on the FUN parts and ignore the BORING parts of your creative business. >> violetanedkova.com

Don't get too excited... I am still technically on a break.

But I wanted to give you a little update because I think this is important for all of us creative rebels. Basically, I'm going to spend this summer fixing a terrible mistake I had made. And I bet I'm not the only one in this...

You know how there are fun parts in business?

Creating content, learning new things, outlining projects, etc.

And you know how there are boring parts in business?

Admin work, funnels, answering emails, repurposing content, etc.

Of course, the fun parts and the boring parts look mighty different to each of us because we are different people and we get excited or turned off by different things, but we all generally have fun parts and boring parts.

And my mistake was spending too much time and energy on the FUN parts and not nearly enough on the boring parts.


I didn't even realize it was happening until I hired a coach and they asked me if I had a business plan. Well, gee, I guess I have one... in my brain.

Nope, that doesn't count.

It needs to be written down. And possibly laminated.

Needless to say, the business plan is the most boring thing I can think of creating... except maybe some copy/paste scenario, which would be even more mind-numbing. But why was I ignoring such important elements, such vital elements in favor of things that couldn't work on their own?

Because I hoped the more fun stuff I would do, the more they would compensate for the lack of the boring stuff. Which is bollocks.

It's ridiculous to think that something would compensate for the lack of something else. That would be like saying... let's create some more of those jagged puzzle pieces instead of trying to fit those more rounded ones.


You will never complete a puzzle that way. 

So you see my dilemma... I have a HUGE PILE of things I have been procrastinating on this whole time and distracting myself with fun new projects and launches, hoping it would make me forget about what really matters:

To make my business profitable and sustainable.

Because it's fine and fun to run a "creative rebel business" until you realize it's been more of a hobby lately. And that it was your fault. 

You can't expect your creativity, or the left side of your brain, to do all the work while your right side and logic and strategy just lounge around, waiting to be called. It doesn't work that way. If you ignore your right side in favor of the left because it's more "fun" then you'll just forget how to use your right side, and those boring parts will keep multiplying until you are INUNDATED.

Can I show you my overwhelming list of boring business things?

  • finalize that business plan and put it in motion
  • create a feedback system for the creative rebel academy students and send targeted emails to everyone with specific questions
  • create a new coaching offering that is more niched down and includes a DIY option (this is part fun and part frustrating really)
  • add some more pages on the site and fix the outdated ones
  • bulk create community content and start scheduling it
  • learn how to use 2 more tools for emails and social media (and integrate one of those tools with Squarespace via code, blergh)
  • create an actual shop on Squarespace integrated with Paypal
  • create an email funnel / rebel journey for new subscribers
  • figure out a way to launch things MY WAY

Not even one of these tasks gets me hot, yet all of them must be done. 

It's my fault really, I have been playing favorites this year and now I have to pay the piper. I have to spend my entire summer - which is usually lazy time - correcting my mistake and making my business work as a whole.

In the end, I realized that when you focus on one side and ignore the other, you create something incomplete that can't act as a whole being.

And you need your business to act as a whole, not separate parts.

(And don't you worry about me, my summer will be plenty fun with the new book I am writing. I've been plotting and writing this whole past weekend.)

Hope this was helpful for you as it was illuminating for me.



Violeta Nedkova

Violeta Nedkova is a multipassionate marketer who loves helping people. She talks and writes about marketing with purpose and personality because it's so much better than traditional marketing.