Helpless, but never hopeless. Rebels give the world what it needs.

Helpless but never hopeless. Rebels give what the world needs. | Violeta Nedkova's Blog

There are things that will always threaten humanity as we know it...



Climate change.



And while those things may make us feel helpless, we will never be hopeless because there are people out there who are balancing these things, who spread good and hope and positive change. I call these people rebels. Rebels like me and you.

Realistically, thanks to the Internet, we all have the power to change things for the better. And you can start very small, with how you make others feel.

I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.
— Maya Angelou

Hopeful, angry, saddened, hopeless, frustrated, empowered, brave... and so on.

For example, there's a man who saves stray animals in my home country, who has devoted his life to the animals, but all he does is make people feel bad by releasing sad videos and asking for money ten times every day. Bad news upon bad news color his facebook feed. Even though he spreads a positive message, he does it in a negative way.

Another example: The news about Trump winning has produced a TON of hateful and hopeful content, probably in equal parts. Trump makes people angry, which stirs some to action and others to angry words and violence. He will forever be remembered for stirring this emotion in the whole world. Not just America, but everywhere.

How do you want to make people feel? What will your emotional legacy be?

These are questions we must all be able to answer for ourselves. Because if we don't, we'll be putting out mixed signals - like when I shared awful news on facebook thinking my friends needed to know but they came to me confused because I usually only share uplifting news. When you do that, it confuses people's hearts.

It is your duty to figure out:

  • Do you want to stir people to action?
  • Do you want to empower people or give them hope?
  • Do you want to motivate or inspire them?
  • What is the ONE emotion you want to stir in them from now on?
  • How will you make the world a better place?
  • How can you give the world what it needs?

Answering these questions and acting upon them will always be more important than your marketing plan, your sales tactics, or your financial goals.

Don’t ask what you can sell. Ask what you can do to make your life, the lives of others, and the world a better place.
— A tweet

A lot of people would argue that success is not just money. It's what you make it. It's what makes your life better, yes, but also what makes the world better. Did you know that millennials are thought to be "the generous generation" and that we are disrupting what charitable giving means as I write this blog post? It seems that there's more social awareness and charitable fundraising today than there ever was before.

For some reason this fact makes me sleep a lot better...

That, and a stream of tweets like these:

You see, I follow exceptional people whom I call creative rebels, and they're not so much about defying the norms as they are about making new ones. The rebels of this age make the world a better place by redefining what that means for them. Whether that would mean something huge like making sure everyone has access to clean water or just making the world brighter with more love letters, I think we are covered.

Rebels are givers.

True rebels spread things the world needs: good, joy, change, etc.  And they don't as much sense what the world needs as they sense what they need to give. 

  • Like Jeremy Cowart who is building The Purpose Hotel - a hotel that is designed to multiply positive change, the motto being "change the world in your sleep."
  • Like Branden Harvey who hosts the Internet's most positive podcast - Sounds Good - and Dani DiPirro who changed her outlook, wrote a book, and now helps people to become more positive, more present, and as a whole, live better.
  • Like Brad Montague who spreads so much joy and love with the Kid President videos, wise old cat tweets, and pretty much everything he does...

As long as we have those who spread joy and peace and positive change, we'll never lose hope. They will give us what we need, and lead us to a better future.

I am lucky to live in a time where the people I admire watch more TED talks than cat videos. In a world where the actions of a few people can accumulate to make a big difference. To be able to find the creative rebels of the world and share what they do. Remember, by paying forward their gifts, you give a bit of yourself, too.

Let's not be hateful, but grateful for these things.

And pay the good forward. (:

We need rebels today more than ever.

Rebels are the good-bringers, the change-makers, the hope-breeders, and as long as we have them - and each other - there will be hope for better. I will follow each and every one of them to the ends of the world. If you're a creative rebel, leave your mark below by dropping a comment, and join our movement. You're needed now more than ever.

To a better, braver, and more rebellious world. 

(Too sappy? Deal with it.)

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