Where I Learn to Edit Video & Share the Lessons of My First Pancake

Where I Learn to Edit Video and Share the Lessons of My First Pancake | Violeta Nedkova


This article is a part of a series on Medium called Creative Biz Backstage where I take you behind the scenes of my budding creative business.

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Remember when I told you about the 30 Days of Sucking challenge?

Well, I am reviving it because I have started vlogging. The show is going to be called The Rebel Reset and will use some creative exercises to awaken your inner rebel. 

I am not a filmmaker and I haven't edited video before, so the first episode is going to SUCK for sure. You can see for yourself below, but please be gentle. My tiny creative critic (I haven't fed it in a while) does pop up occasionally and is not gentle on my ego. 

Q: Why didn't you just shoot the whole thing all over again?!

A: Because I wanted to document the learning process and hopefully help you not make the same mistakes. It will be useful for me to come back to this for my next episode and for you if you are just starting to do video.

There is more wisdom in following the journey than listening to experts. (tweet it)

Watch the video.


In terms of tech, I use:

  • Logitech HD Pro Webcam C920 + its microphone
  • Windows Movie Maker for editing, the simplest program really
  • FastStone Capture 6.9 for screenshots (absent here)

Why my first pancake sucked.

  • The light is too bright. I'll have to work on more reliable lighting.
  • I introduce the show as The Creative Vagabond; that was a working title.
  • Still working on those transitions, so it's jumpy and awkward at times.
  • I didn't have a script and was jumping all over the place, which made the editing process harder. Next time I'll have a script, which will mean fewer transitions.
  • I was going too slow at times, but that was because of the lack of script.
  • I forgot to frame the video (tell you what to expect) so you get this long video where you have no idea what's going to happen or what the point is. Whoops.
  • Finally, I didn't have props! I could have showed the mini zine or illustrated another example by jumping to the rebel's website. Next time I'll be prepared!
  • No music! I'm downloading tunes from Youtube's audio library.

Video tips and insights.

By the way, did you do the exercise? Tweet me your list, I'd love to see it. :)

Let's see what I've learned from the experience, and hopefully these newbie tips will help you in your own vlogging journey. I have to say that it was SO much fun to shoot video, and the biggest lesson I learned is that you have to warm up first and that your first attempt will be like your first pancake - it will SUCK, so discard and shoot it all over again.

(Unless you're strangely attached to it, which is why you make it a learning prop.)

The thing about video is that the first time will be full of mistakes. And when you start editing, you'll realize in order to fix anything you'd have to start over and the light could be different, your hair could be different, the distance from the camera could shift, and so on. So it is best to do the entire video in the same day, for the sake of consistency.

Also, make sure you have everything you need. Do certain takes again just to be sure, or go through the takes before you have finished shooting to see what could be improved. As I was editing, I noticed there were times where I didn't pronounce things clearly, in which case my double takes of the same thing came in handy and saved the day.

Try not to overwhelm yourself with too many takes - the less material you have to edit, the better - and practice until you are completely confident on camera.

You don't have to be perfect on camera, but you do need to be confident. (tweet it)

So keep your speech loud and clear unless you want to end up with a Frankenvideo.

And finally, make some BLOOPERS!!! Who doesn't love those?! 

Now over to you. Just let me know in the comments:

What was your first video like? What are your tips? What did you think of my baby steps?


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