Get ready to be aligned.

Are you ready to get 100% aligned?

You know how I keep saying how much I hate webinars?

I don't think my aversion to webinars comes from the format or even because they usually contain slides. Mostly, I dislike what they represent - shameless promotion. Obviously, we all need to promote ourselves, but do we need to do it in this way? I mean, giving people some kind of info-dump followed by advertising doesn't sound so good to me.

I'd much rather provide an actual experience, but maybe that's just me.

Thing is, when you dump information on people, it's not a guarantee they'll apply it afterwards. How many times have you seen a webinar and just gone onto the next one? This is the problem with the Internet right now - too. much. consumption. too. little. action. People keep talking about their great plans, but when you check up on them months later, they're still in the inception stage, planning great things soon, but not yet.

Sorry, but planning doesn't count, the actual execution does.

Which is why I have chosen to do workshops instead of webinars. In my mind, workshops involve actual work being done with results at the end, and that's a lot more appealing to me than dumping information on you. Hopefully you feel the same way.

Right now I am prepping for my first workshop.

It's a part of a series called Your Creative Rebel Brand.

It's going to be about aligning yourself and your creative brand so there is less frustration for you and more clarity for your people. Because when your brand is not aligned to what you want, what you're good at, and what you believe in, it feels like putting on another person's skin - itchy, uncomfortable, and plain wrong. 

When I aligned everything in my creative business, it was a game changer.

Suddenly, I could explain what I do. I could pinpoint exactly the people who would benefit from contact with my brand. And I could have FUN, dammit. Instead of doing what everyone else wanted me to do, I was following my own path.

Instead of trying to put on skin that didn’t fit, I was finally in my own skin and it felt fantastic.

Not to mention, once everything is aligned the right people can find you without having to throw yourself at them. They see your message, they sense the value, and they just need what you're offering. And bad fit situations are a thing of the past. 

(Can I hear an Hallelujah?!)

Sound good so far? Wait till you see what I've prepared:


Violeta Nedkova workshop
Violeta Nedkova workshop
Violeta Nedkova workshop
Violeta Nedkova workshop
Violeta Nedkova workshop


It's streaming tomorrow - January 27, at 1 pm UTC.

We'll see some examples, complete a few exercises, and do everything together. I'll also answer questions and give you feedback if we have enough time. And finally, if you can't make it, you can send your questions to

(And if you're on my mailing list, check your inbox for the link, I just sent it.)

Did I mention - this is my first workshop EVER. So technical weirdness and um's are bound to happen, but I promise to do my best to help. When something feels right you just know it in your Bones (my favorite show) and this feels right.

I am at my strongest and happiest when I help people find their own way.

Finally, I should mention that the work we'll cover won't be the-end-all-be-all - as it never is - to aligning your creative brand because that part is never done.

You’ll constantly reinvent and realign yourself, and that’s OK. It’s only a problem when you stop and stagnate.

In fact, I recommend constantly doing it to make sure you haven't strayed, which coincidentally, happens to me a lot. As a result I need to realign myself almost every month. In the end, a weekly checkup is ideal. Since there is so much noise and BS and expert advice out there, our consumption levels are so high that we can't help but think... Oh maybe I should try this or do that, but there are things that just don't fit us.

Once we give up on this notion that we need to do all the things, I believe we can truly be happy and productive in our brands and businesses and projects. Then we won't waste time trying everything, but know exactly what fits perfectly.

Don't waste any more time. Get ready to be 100% ALIGNED!


Violeta Nedkova

Violeta Nedkova is a multipassionate marketer who loves helping people. She talks and writes about marketing with purpose and personality because it's so much better than traditional marketing.