The 3 P's of Authentic Marketing: Passion, Purpose, & Personality

The 3 P's of Authentic Marketing by Violeta Nedkova

It took me a while to settle on the 3rd P...

Purpose and Personality were always clear, which is why they used to be in this site's tagline. At one point, the 3rd P was called propellers but it was SO wrong. And because I like things in 3's - like triangles - I was adamant that I needed a 3rd one. 

And now I realize I wasn't missing the 3'rd P, but the 1st one. Because you wouldn't produce the same results without the 1st P. It's in the heart of everything.

But before we go over the 3 P's, let's just get something clear.

What's authentic marketing?

Obviously, Google barely knows what it is. So I decided to jump in...

Authentic Marketing is a kind of marketing where your main goal is to BE YOURSELF, let your brand reflect it, and follow your personal mission at every step of the process - from your copy to your social media messages to the way you handle customers.

Marketing doesn't have to be SEO or selling or hacking... it can be what you make it, and I hope that you'll make it a reflection of everything you stand for.

Authentic Marketing is the easiest and surest way to do that.

The 3 P's of A.M.

1. Passion

If you've heard the phrase "do what you love", you know what I mean. Without being passionate about the thing you do, you won't enjoy doing it and people will sense that you are not 100% committed to it. But your business is your passion, not marketing! So how can you do what you love and market it at the same time?

Maybe you associate marketing with being pushy. Or with cheesy sales pages or popups or... stop that. Marketing can be ANYTHING. It can be going to fun events or writing about topics you care about deeply. It can be spending more time networking in your favorite community or on your favorite social platform.

As long as you're passionate about the subject, you'll market it just fine. And you won't have to push anyone because people will come to you.

And if you live in "the real world" like the rest of us, you're probably thinking that I forgot to mention how hard it is to make money off one's passions. Fine, I admit, it's tricky. But I'll give you an example that might bring you some perspective.

The other day I listened to a podcast episode with Nathalie Lussier and she said that at first she wanted to go for a healthy-living type of business. That's what she's passionate about, so naturally, it's the direction she wanted to take. But her clients kept asking her about list-building and tech things, which came so naturally to her, she decided to try and teach. Eventually, she came up with this entire profitable business.

And guess what, she LOVES doing it. 

My point is, even if it's not your first choice - marketing was definitely not mine - it's OK as long as it's something you enjoy and find easy AND as long as you can weave your other passions into it somehow. Once you're successful on a subject, you can branch out, add on things, and become creative with how everything fits together.

(If you're multipassionate, check out this blog post about creative convergence.)

2. Purpose

I've explained this before, but I think it bears repeating.

The purpose of your business is your WHY - why are you doing this and why do you want to work with these people? What's so special about it/them? Like Simon Sinek says in his (in)famous TED talk, start with WHY, then move onto WHAT and HOW.

From the purpose stems everything else - your messaging, your branding, your packages, your book's titles, your social strategy, your... fill in the blank. You can't just go by ear on this. The purpose gives you the foundation you need to build on. And when you can't decide which way to go, the purpose will practically scream out the answer.

The other day I was considering the launch sequence of some future products. Even though I know that selling something in a limited time frame - like 24 hours - before the launch is smart, I feel kind of ambushed and pressured when it's done to me. My purpose is to DELIGHT and FREE my clients from everything that stops them from launching kick-ass businesses and growing them sustainably. And if the 24-hour thing stresses them out, I just won't do it, because I've put the people, not the money, at the center.

NEVER do anything in your business that doesn't fit with your vision for it. 

Your business,  your vision, your rules. Remember that. 

3. Personality

This time last year my marketing was scattered. I used to tweet everything related to marketing, follow all kinds of industry news, and just consume all the information I could find so I could be helpful to the community. And even though I believe I was, it was probably NOT very helpful when I was confusing people like that.

Eventually, I found my purpose and started doing something I LOVE, so the first two P's were all set. And then I faced another challenge - how the hell was I supposed to do this MY WAY when there are SO MANY WAYS out there that I wanted to try? So I struggled with "the shiny object syndrome" for a while before I finally accepted the fact that I couldn't do everything and that the only thing my followers and readers and clients wanted from me - was to be me. They wanted me to be open, honest, and authentic. 

Your tribe wants the same from you. And don't you want to give it to them?

You can do a lot of things to be YOU in your marketing. You can invest in social media platforms YOU like and join communities YOU enjoy. You can do video instead of blogging because you're a much better speaker than writer. Or you can write books because your writing moves people. You can do anything that feels natural. 

Now, you should definitely check out Beth Grant's Archetype Alignment Grid. I've mentioned it before, but it helped me so much - with finding the best business model and marketing strategy - that I'll keep randomly dropping it in blog posts. 

The Grid will show you what "archetype" you are, what kind of business you should run, and how you should grow it. It will make you a happy, happy business owner.

(I'm a Compelling Creative Connector. What about you?)

Why I'm writing about this...

I don't mean this blog post. I'm actually writing an entire book about it during November. (Actually, I'm writing 3 books this month, but these are just details.)

I'm writing on this subject because I've been obsessed with it ever since I started my business; ever since I completed these steps myself and put a name on the method. Truth is, I always did marketing my way, but I didn't always have purpose, which resulted in many months of scattered marketing and frustration.

Which is why I can tell you this - once you find something you LOVE that you're willing to turn into a business or at least a side-hustle, and you figure out what your purpose is, your marketing will transform into a magnificent magnet. But not before you put all of your wonderful personality into it! (Do The Grid thing, it helps a lot.)

To help you out on your creative journey, I'm sharing something special:

Violeta Nedkova

Violeta Nedkova is a multipassionate marketer who loves helping people. She talks and writes about marketing with purpose and personality because it's so much better than traditional marketing.