Personal Branding for Multipassionates

Personal Branding for Multipassionates by Violeta Nedkova

This is something close to my heart because I am one - multipassionate.

And the truth is, I have struggled for years to find my point of "creative convergence".

You just can't help it - you want the whole package, not just one measly part of it. Here's the thing though - when you can't change the situation (people wanting cohesive brands) or yourself, you can adjust what you do. Meaning you can compromise.

And I know you don't want to hear it, but it's not that bad! Really.

Let's check out some strategies you can use today to be your shining multipassionate self and still manage to meet your audience's expectations.

1. Name it.

I mean, you can come up with some convoluted brand name and keep changing it OR you can do like me and use your name as your brand.

My name is definitely better than my last brand's name: Polygamous Passionista. (Much better.) As it is, I can slap any tagline on my site and run with it, and I'll never have to change my domain because I'm never changing my name. Haaaaa-yah!

Your name is beautiful. Why not make it your brand name, too?

(tweet it)

2. But I want to do both!

OK, look. I talk to many people, and the multipassionate ones usually have two big passions they want to explore at the same time. They want to separate their site, their products, and cater to different audiences. Don't do that. Experts advise that you focus your attention on one thing, and then expand once you've grown enough.

I would also add that IT IS POSSIBLE to do two things at once, but only if:

  • The target audience is the same for both
  • One is a lovely complementary to the other
  • They look good together, side by side

For example, you want to do both jewelry and coaching. Easy peasy! Give pieces of beautiful jewelry to your clients after you're done coaching them or make the jewelry unique to your coaching message. I bet the shop will look beautiful next to your services and you'll have a great advantage over all the other coaches.

3. I can't focus.

As I said, you don't have to focus on one thing, you can do two if they go well together. HOWEVER, you do have to focus on one message.

That message is your core message - the one thing everyone who sees your brand or talks to you takes away. Maybe it's "we are not alone" or "creative living without fear" or "marketing with purpose and personality". Once you have it, you can spread your wings to other things that echo the message. For example, my facebook group is called "purpose & personality" because I don't just want to have a community of marketers, but of people who live purposefully and are being themselves, 100%.

I'm sure if you dig enough, you'll have your core message, and the thought of matching everything else to it won't be so devastating.

4. Add it to the mix.

And what do you do when something just doesn't fit?

Simple. Just add it to the mix. (If it's so important to you.) Maybe you love taking photos, but they have nothing to do with your yoga shop. Well, I can tell you that you'll find millions of crazy photo-taking yoga-lovers on Instagram! You can take photos of poses and post them there. Or you can add them to your blog posts/ebooks.

Anything that enriches your strategy is fair game.

So put on that brainstorming cap of yours and let's go! 


  1. Your brand name can be your name.
  2. You can do two things if they're complementary.
  3. All you have to do is focus on your core message.
  4. You can add other elements, as long as they enhance your strategy.

Now it's your turn... 

How do you mix and match your creative talents in your brand? Have you ever had to give something up because it didn't fit?

Let me know. I love talking to fellow multipassionates!

Violeta Nedkova

Violeta Nedkova is a multipassionate marketer who loves helping people. She talks and writes about marketing with purpose and personality because it's so much better than traditional marketing.