who am i?

  1. I'm Violeta.
  2. I live in Bulgaria.
  3. I graduated in Psychology.
  4. I am always, always on twitter.
  5. I have a 15 year-old cat named Sissy.
  6. I am a multipassionate #ENFP and #HSP.
  7. I am a writer first and everything else second.
  8. Even though I'm a Capricorn, I feel that I am more of an Aquarius, which is my ascendant.
  9. My favorite thing is the The Secret Library.
  10. I looove magic, which is probably why I used to be obsessed with Harry Potter and wrote fanfiction.
  11. If I were a fictional character I'd be a mixture of Rapunzel (Tangled), Belle, and Lorelai Gilmore.
  12. I always cry at the end of Forrest Gump.
  13. My spirit animal is a polar bear.