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Turn on Noisli and play with it. Eventually you'll find your most productive combo of sounds.

(I find cafe sounds perfect for work and waves perfect for rest.)

Alternatively, if you're a Harry Potter fan, you could use one of them ASMR rooms on Youtube and pretend you're working in one of the common rooms. For me, the Hogwarts Express is the best place to work because train sounds have a kind of magic.


A lot of us who hustle for ourselves tend to over-commit because we never know where opportunity will come from. So we say yes a lot...

Yes to every opportunity that eats up our time and energy we could have used for other, more important things. Now watch this video:

Here's a FUN way to get in the mood!

Did you know that many creatives get in the mood by developing daily rituals that signal it's time to work?

Some clean up their working space. Others go to cafes to work. Some are even as eccentric as putting on fancy clothes to show their creativity they ain't kidding. Others use music...

Sometimes it takes as little as recalling what worked in school, to get you in learning/working mood.

What gets you hot for work?