There's just some things we can't live without...

For me, those things are...

Squarespace is my absolute favorite thing EVER.

It's the simplest most beautiful website-builder, and anyone can use it. I used to have a pretty ugly blog because my coding skills - and ability to understand Wordpress pluging - were nonexistent. NOW I enjoy the hell out of this tool, I even have two websites (one in progress) and pay for the Business Plan happily. Best investment I ever made.

P.S. I'm not affiliating anything, as they don't even have an affiliate program! Hehe.

twitter is my favorite social platform!

I tweet every single day, always answer - genuine - mentions and DMs, and even have a collection of helpful twitter lists, like gal pals, The Index, and Famous Creative Rebels. If you're inclined to follow rebels.

buffer is my favorite social media tool because...

I don't have time to tweet every day, and if I were more active on other platforms, I would say the same for them. So my solution is hand-picking - and heavily vetting - links for creative rebels (articles, videos, news, etc.) and just scheduling them to tweet out a few times a day, at the same times (when I've noticed my peeps are more responsive). 

You can just do this 

feedly is my #1 source of content.

That is, when I'm not Googling stuff and stalking rebels.

Just create a *favorite blogs & publications* folder in your feedly and add all the stuff you love. Only the must-haves. The rebellious stuff. That way, you won't suffer from online noise poisoning.

Photoshop is my weapon of choice when it comes to graphics.

However, if you haven't dabbled in it (in high school because classes bored you) then just try Canva! It's the simplest, most elegant solution for those of us who are not master designers.

Plus I just love the Design School...

While I've collected a TON of rebels, I have some favorites...

These people are the most creative and soulful rebels you'll find, and they have been my idols for a long time. I'll list them here, but you'll also notice they're on The Index of Creative Rebels, and in the Creative Rebel Database.

  1. Caroline Winegeart
  2. Jen Carrington
  3. Sian Richardson
  4. Meg Kissack
  5. Paul Jarvis
  6. Jason Zook
  7. Brad Montague
  8. Austin Kleon
  9. Elizabeth Gilbert
  10. Maria Popova
  11. Shantell Martin
  12. regina?

When it comes to online publications, I adore 99u and brainpicker.


I also love reading books! Who doesn't?!

Right now, my favorite ones are: #GIRLBOSS, Steal Like an Artist, and Big Magic.

I also have a curation of 10 books every rebel should read on my blog.

It's no secret my favorite podcasts are The Couragemakers and Make It Happen. 

My new favorite magazine is...



I learn from...

I laugh with...

I admire...

I love talking to...

I always make time for...