Want to make your business STAND OUT? At NO COST? You'll love 5 Days of Creative Marketing.



5 Days of Creative Marketing is a free email course for the creative business owner who wants to spice up their strategy. It contains actionable exercises and examples of rebels who have found creative ways to grow their creative businesses. 

We all know best practices and strategy are important BUT we shouldn't forget that without any ingenuity, we're just running copycat businesses.

You deserve to run a UNIQUE business and HAVE FUN.


Five days of Creative Marketing = Five lessons full of actionable examples and exercises. Here's what to expect (for more, see The Companion):

Day 1: Monetizing like a creative rebel.

Day 2: Launching products like nobody's beeswax.

Day 3: Networking?! Get it away from me!

Day 4: List-building like a fisherman (or woman).

Day 5: Growing your tribe, the smart way.


When you get the course, you also get: 

  1. The Creative Business Companion at half price
  2. Rebellious posters for your creative space (see below)
  3. A weekly curation of rebellious resources


It's time.

To be the rebel you are and stop screwing around with expert advice.

Marketing is what YOU make it. If you keep following others, you'll never be the one who leads. Take charge of your business and do it your way, dammit.

P.S. This is a mini course. If you want more Creative Marketing, check out the Creative Business Companion & my coaching page.