#100DaysofFeelings: On Day 1, I feel silly.

Day 1: Silly by Violeta Nedkova

That awkward feeling when you've told the internet you're doing #The100DayProject, and suddenly, you have nothing to say.

It happens.

And it happens to me, a lot.

Sometimes I would burp happily on twitter that I'm working on a new course.

5 out of 6 times I would stop working on it promptly.

It's not that I can't finish things, it's that not everything wants to be finished. My energy runs so high and so fast that few ideas are strong enough to survive. Most just fizzle out quickly, and just a few lucky ones are so strong that they make it till the end. Or maybe it's just random neurons firing incorrectly, so it's our job to correct their course - start, see we don't like it, start again, try something different. Or maybe everything is fun until it's not.

The Creative Rebel Academy made it, for example.

And not much else.

The problem is, that people like us - with too many ideas, easily distracted, too much enthusiasm and too little staying power - are called flakes. Mocked for our mercurial natures. We're called temperamental creatives. (Yet, in the same breath we are praised for our resourcefulness and creative ideas.)

I don't care for labels except for one, or maybe two.

And those I have given myself.

Labels aren't good for much else, except for cans. Cans like to have labels, or else it's gonna be Apocalypse now (not later) and everyone's going to stuff themselves with peas instead of peanut butter, and it's going to turn into a Russian Roulette kind of thing and... you don't need to hear the rest.

So what do I do on the day I have nothing to say?

I say something.

Because feeling silly lasts a second and then you do something to alleviate or ignore it. If you give it any more than that, it could overtake you. In these times of trial and error, and making your own fortune, we can't afford to feel silly 24/7. The stakes are too high and too many people are watching.

What about you? Have you felt silly lately?

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Violeta Nedkova

Violeta Nedkova is a multipassionate marketer who loves helping people. She talks and writes about marketing with purpose and personality because it's so much better than traditional marketing.