#100DaysofFeelings: On Day 6, I feel limited.

Today I feel limited.

It's hard to explain this one.

Some of you know that I've recently been diagnosed with a mood disorder and the last couple of years have been all about coming to grips with it, accepting my new reality, and doing the best with what I have. 

A big part of it has been medicating... 

A bigger part of it has been feeling dependent on something outside of yourself. Without it, you would crumble. Without it, you would go back to "the bad days" when you couldn't go through a day of work because you were too busy crying over the littlest of things or because you were planning the next epic thing.

Being limited sucks, but it's also manageable. 

The first step to living well with limitation is to accept the fact.

It's hard to accept you have a limit, a ceiling, when most of the time you feel like you are limitless (like the movie), but once you learn to trust your brain more than you do your moods, you'll be OK. It's a long road getting there...

So repeat after me: brain over moods. Brain over limits.

Knowing your limitations intimately will help you live a good life regardless.

Another big part of one's rehabilitation after learning something so life-changing is building support systems. Whether that's your family or friends or a support group or all of the above, you should know - you can't do this alone.

Which is why I was pleasantly surprised by Esme Wang's new project:

The Unexpected Shape - a place for over-ambitious people with limitations.

There are many other places that will give you support if you let them. Many other creative bosses who have chosen this way of life because it goes better with our limitations. Many of us who would love to help you feel better about yourself. Because there is nothing wrong with you. You are even more precious now than you were before, because you have been through something that has changed you. You have the choice between fighting it and growing into it.

The choice is yours, but I know you'll choose right for you.

Sending you a hug from my corner of the world.


Violeta Nedkova

Violeta Nedkova is a multipassionate marketer who loves helping people. She talks and writes about marketing with purpose and personality because it's so much better than traditional marketing.