#100DaysofFiction: On Day 25, we meet Everly.

The paper was neatly folded on her nightstand.

Everly Atlas was getting ready for another day in the place that was sucking her soul away; the place she used to call home. It’s funny how something you love so much can turn around like that in a day, or in a moment.

Her brother Aldo had been trying to get her back into his office, but he was so far unsuccessful. She had such fond memories of that place, but it was now tainted by that memory that changed everything. That paper on her nightstand.

On her way to the Pillars Library she didn’t stop at the murmurs, she just kept walking until she met the familiar face of Adnis, the temporary librarian. Everly looked at her vacant gaze and wondered why they never got a constant one, why the biggest Library at the college wasn’t deserving of someone who cared about the books. After all, it was full of treasures and secrets, and were it to perish, the world would have lost the foremost collection on Secret Sciences.

Not that the world knew it existed...

#100DaysofFiction: On Day 23, we start with Jax.

It’s a temporary thing.

Jax repeated over and over, until he believed it.

It was time he showed his father what he was made of, and even though this little assignment wouldn’t afford him the freedom he craved – like having no boss overhead – it guaranteed his independence at least, which was something.

The train sounds were lulling him to sleep even though he wasn’t tired. His mind rewound back to his last conversation with his father over and over, even though it was the last thing he wanted. It made him crumple up the documents he was supposed to sign prior to arrival at the place, which… now that he thought of it, didn’t know much about. He just knew it was a college of some sorts and that he would be a Teacher’s Aid there. Ironic seeing as he was a terrible student himself.

#100DaysofFeelings: On Day 18, I felt mystified.

#100DaysofFeelings: On Day 18, I felt mystified.

You know how you feel when you're totally mystified by a TV series?

It's like you can't tell what's going to happen AT ANY GIVEN TIME. I almost never get this feeling because I have read, watched, and imagined it all, which basically follows the same tropes, which basically means you can't surprise me... often. However, there are mindf*cks out there that can, and The OA is one of them.

First of all, the creator and star of the show Brit Marling is one of the most mystifying actors out there. She has played in some film that I have admired for their simplicity and complexity. Like Another Earth. And she definitely likes cliffhanger endings. Like Another Earth. (They're supposed to be annoying, but I like that the creators give me something to play with.)

#100DaysofFeelings: On Day 16, I feel humbled and multipassionate.

As much as I love being a multipassionate and love multipassionate people, I recognize we have kind of a big flaw.

It's not what you think...

It's not that we are "flaky" or easily distracted or unable to finish things.

It's not that we want to do all the things and when we do them, we never go all the way, but just scratch the surface. (Leave that to the specialists.)

It's that we don't honor our ideas more than we honor our desires.

Have you ever thought about how much of your life is controlled by your EGO?

#100DaysofFeelings: On Day 15, I feel haunted.

Dreams are always telling.

Dreams tell you what you're afraid of, what you're subconsciously attracted to, and what you can't let go of.

 Have you ever had recurring dreams? Or recurring elements in dreams? Lately it's been all the same - the same person, the same ridiculous scenario - and I can't make out WHY this is happening, but I feel haunted.

Haunted by things I don't understand. 

#100DaysofFeelings: On Day 14, I feel defensive.

I haven't played chess in years.

And yet, I was compelled to sit down and play against my uncle, who coincidentally, used to be a master at it. (Or whatever the chess geeks call it.) Truthfully, I have always found chess fascinating and a little unnerving.

Yet, I couldn't understand why everyone was learning combinations.

My dad was - and continues to be - pretty good at it, too. Men usually say the same thing - I can tell your next 3 moves or something cryptic like this - but I always surprise those men. And you know why? Because I play in the moment. Which is what I do in life, as in general. To me, life and games are supposed to be played in the moment. Not to mention, it's no fun to know what's going to happen in advance, so... thanks, but no thanks.

Those genius-level combinations can kiss my girly a**.