welcome creative rebels

You want to do what you love and make an impact, on your own terms. And I want to help you start your creative business and grow it your way. Let's team up!

Everything you do should be as unique as you.

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Hey there rebel! I'm Violeta, and I am a multi-passionate creative rebel. So I know what it's like to be called different and weird, and how it makes you feel like there's something wrong with you.

But listen, conforming to belong will never feel right, and holding yourself back is depriving the world of your unique gifts and stories.

With all of the sameness, we need your youness

Everything on this website was created to help you reawaken your inner rebel, start your creative business (one that you'll love!), and grow it your way.

Enough with jobs that don't fit and sleazy marketing tactics that you hate! Enough with building boring "samey" brands and blindly following expert advice. 

Let's start your most authentic creative business and grow it in a way that is creative and that fits your personality. Let's build a brand that reflects who you are and just feels right. And last but not least, let's turn your brand into a lighthouse on the Internet, one that shines and shows people the way back.

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You are not alone, you are more than good enough, and you deserve to have everything you want.


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What's a creative rebel?

learn and get inspired.

You've overdosed on expert advice and hacks, and you would like to know how creative rebels do it next. Check out my blog.

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get the free miniguides.

From how to find your purpose and core message to how to stand out online and bet on your strengths, the miniguides have it all.

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need a creative rebel coach?

You're starting your own business (or growing your existing one), but you're overwhelmed and not making progress. Need help?

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inga testimonial
If you own a small creative business or are planning to start one, Violeta's coaching will be the navigation system in your jungle of ideas.
Our business was in the center of all discussions and homework, no general bla bla from thick theory books. During the training, we developed amazing strategies for our small online brand and have a clear and structured map for them. We feel that all these strategies come straight from our heart and this is only thanks to Violetas's knowledge and creative mind!

Inga, Feel Linen

fernanda testimonial

I felt a bit lost on how to start with my company, so Violeta gave me a lot of resources. Our coaching sessions were great as they let me see all the blind spots I was missing. She was also very helpful with defining the voice of my company and how I want to communicate to my clients.

Violeta lets you see more clearly the whole panorama and the little details you might be missing out.

I recommend her 100%.

Fernanda, email design

Violeta is an inspiration to anyone wanting to embrace their creativity and think outside the box. 
Violeta really helped me to narrow my focus for my blog and gave me great ideas on how to really kick start a career in business blogging. I would definitely recommend her to anyone wanting to seek coaching for their business.

Nicole, Olive Creative Me

atul testimonial
Violeta has a super power of listening to you with full attention, identifying your REAL problems, and then giving you hardcore actionable advice to overcome them.
I highly recommend her coaching sessions!

Atul, identity designer